As I finished dressing Sam, he turned to me and said “I look adorable!”

I did not expect to be filmed eating cereal at work today (with multiple takes), and yet here we are.

Watching The Transformers: The Movie with Sam, and though it came out 32 years ago this is the first time I’ve heard the swearing! Oops.

Man, when I was a kid none of our toys had gyroscopes or JavaScript support.

Spent two hours chasing a bunch of toddlers around while eating a circle of Camembert.

The most terrifying thing about running your own server is looking at the logs and seeing just how many people try to break into it every few seconds.

Figured I'd go for a walk to get an iced latte. Big mistake.

Was just murdered by a Bungie employee in Gambit. I feel special!

First time in St Kilda in about 18 years.

One of the last times I was here, walking through the streets with a lady friend, a bunch of men in a car threatened to bash our heads in with a metal pipe because we didn’t have any drugs.

Holy crap - I just found someone's interview answers from 2012.

I feel *terrible*.

Sam, dipping his finger into an open melted cheese sandwich: “I like this, but not really. I’m a little bit happy, Dad.”

Tomorrow is the first election I'll have been eligible to vote in in seven years!

I'm still convinced I'm a ghost every time the urinal flushes before I use it.

Forgot my headphones, poured most of my coffee on myself, the kiddo was massively upset at daycare drop off... well, at least I have my health.


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