Posted my first interview linking to a vibrator. 👌

@nuncamind Ah, that's fair. I love both for different reasons.

@nuncamind The worst! I feel ya, dude. I'm _always_ sick.

@aparrish I’m so bad at it, but I still enjoy it. What are you playing?

Me: "Oh my god, I can sleep in at this offsite, like I was twenty years younger!"

(wakes up at 6:45 am)

Local Man Makes 10 Hour Playlist For Three Hours Of Driving To And From Work Offsite.

Me, every time:

“Alright, let’s play some Dark Souls! Hm, this is hard. Christ, this is stressful. Fuck. Fuuuuuck. Fuck this fucking game! I’m out! Hmmm. Hm, I’ll have a break. Maybe... maybe I’ve got it this time. Alright, let’s play some Dark Souls!”

@soypunk Where you can store/edit files via Shortcuts 😞

i'm in new york this week! I'm going to the SFPC dinner wednesday and then the WordHack event thursday. happy to see any mastodon friends

“I’m growing!,” said Sam, drinking a glass of milk.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.