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Me: "Man, I don't understand why I'm always feeling sick."

Also me: "Chocolate for breakfast? I mean, it would be a crime not to."

Local Child Refuses To Acknowledge Parent Unless He Speaks Like Yoda.

@ccgus Just upgraded to the latest Acorn from version... 1. 😅

Turns out I really enjoy deleting apps off my phone.

Her: “Let’s teach Sam to question authority and think for himself.”
Sam: “NO!”
Me: “He’s doing it!”

Dear daycare,

You mayyyyyyy be wondering where your sandpit is! It... it seems to have ended up inside my son’s sneakers. Like, all of it.

Sorry about that.

Warm regards,
Sam’s parents.

Not *everything* in the future is terrible.

Corporate IT Software: "I noticed you're trying to update macOS. Please don't do that."
Me: (adds an extra character to the installer's file name)
Corporate IT Software: "Hey, do whatever you like!"

Pretty sure the tram driver was just apologising because she was vaping too long before we drove off. The future is weird.

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Found a photo of Brickhouse from about a decade ago (cc @tomcoates.)

With today's @aparrish interview, there are no men on the front page of my site. A nice change!

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Dark Mode is going to take some getting used to.

Imagine eating beetroot and asparagus in the same meal.

My favourite Mastodon client is the web.

That thing where you’re in the car in some random bit of Melbourne and you see someone you’ve interviewed (but never met) hop on a tram in front of you.

That thing where a single missing letter transforms a cute daycare update into pure terror.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.