I'd always wanted to be an animator when I grew up. Neither happened.


This was a pixel animation series with a terribly hard-to-find plot that I'd regularly post on waferbaby (and for a while there, its own website).

In a far away place exists a pocket of a world where tiny creatures draw out their inexplicably troubled lives. These are their stories.

I built these tiny animations using a hacked CICN editor in ResEdit (Really). I'd draw each frame pixel by pixel, carefully take a screenshot and paste it into an animated GIF editor. When all the frames were done - and an episode could take up to sixty hours - I'd convert the GIF into a QuickTime movie and send it over to my pal Kurt, who would create the sound effects to match. Once I had his audio track I'd glue the two together and post the episode.

I've kept the (painful) descriptions intact here.

Series 1

There is no obvious plot for series one. Suffice to say there is alien abduction, cyborg technology, sex and violence, scorpion mutilation, big guns, secret romance, a wedding, demons and undead rabbits, a big battle, spectral figures and the cutest little sheep on two pixels.

Series 2

Our heros the Spook and the sheep are sent to investigate a brutal murder in a quiet country village, but all is not as it seems, and the duo uncover much more than they bargained for.

Series 3

Beneath the deserts of Cairo lie secrets buried for hundreds of thousands of years, undisturbed and untouched - until now. Payton Jones, eccentric philanthropist, archeologist, adventurer for hire and retired spy, is determined to uncover the treasures of the dead - but there are those who would stop his meddling once and for all.

Series 4

The cold waste of space is a lonely place, devoid of contact with the human race. Luckily for Carter the orbit scout, he's sixty percent robot.


Take two action figures, add a sprinkle of antagonism and a whole heap of fun. Shake well.


General episodes of Pixhell are lone wolves that don't belong in any one series. These are the rogues - the experiments, the episodes that didn't quite cut it for linear consumption. Enjoy the offcuts!